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Attraction of project investment

  • Structuring of investment projects at any stage;
  • Selection of funding options for major investment projects
  • Preparation of investment memos, business plans
  • Attraction of strategic partners;
  • Assistance and consultation during project implementation.
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Investment project support

  • Registration of legal entities
    • Registration with the tax authorities;
    • Registration;
    • Provision of a temporary registered address until the opening of a permanent office.

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  • Land registration
    • Preparation of statements on land choice and preliminary approval of the site's location;
    • Obtaining land choice for construction act (for establishing its security or sanitary protection zone) with application of the project land borders, approved by the local government body;
    • Obtaining a decision on preliminary approval of the site's location;
    • Determination of the permitted use of the land;
    • Topographic plan of the land;
    • Land survey;
    • State land cadastre;
    • Decision on providing the land for construction;
    • Preparation and obtaining land right documents (contracts for lease, sublease, fixed-term use without consideration, sale and purchase, etc required by law);
    • Land transfer from one category to another;
    • Organisation of geological engineering surveys.

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  • Project design
    • Development of layout plans for the land plots;
    • Obtain technical conditions (including temporary): water supply and sewerage, water drainage (including complying with waste disposal standards), power supply, installation of telephone and radio services, gas supply and external lighting;
    • Obtain source data to be used in the design;
    • Obtain permission from the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection on the location of the facilities;
    • Obtain information from the State Fire Supervision Department on the distance from the nearest fire station;
    • Obtain a report from EMERCOM on the location of the facilities on the land and tasks for developing Civil Defence Technical and Engineering Activities and Emergency Situations;
    • Obtain information on background concentrations of hazardous materials in the atmosphere;
    • Obtain climate reports from the Meteorological centre;
    • Obtain a report on the absence of extractable resources;
    • Obtain a report from the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service (Rospotrebnadzor) on building the facilities;
    • Organise radiation measurements in the buildings and on the site;
    • Organise noise measurements;
    • Organise microclimate research;
    • Organise lighting measurements;
    • Organise bacteriological and chemical water analysis;
    • Develop technical design specifications;
    • Prepare tender documents for choosing a chief designer;
    • Conduct the tender;
    • Prepare contracts and conduct negotiations;
    • Manage project development;
    • Organise state analysis of project documentation and geological engineering surveys.

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  • Construction
    • Engineering and geodetic surveys for construction;
    • Obtain a town planning passport for the site;
    • Prepare documents and supply applications for obtaining construction permits;
    • Prepare documents and organise checks of the completed construction by state construction supervision bodies in order to receive reports on the site complying with technical regulations and design documents;
    • Survey support of construction and installation works;
    • As built land surveys and preparation of as built survey documents.

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  • Outsourcing staff recruitment for investors
    • Search and selection of permanent staff at the request of clients (for a consideration);
    • Testing of foreign language skills;
    • Development of mandatory regulatory documents for human resources.

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  • Consultation on issues concerning attracting foreign employees
    • Prepare reports on work force requirements for filling new and vacant positions by foreign employees;
    • Prepare documents required by the state employment agency of subjects of the Russian Federation for register of recipients of government services in the field of employment (job and employee bank);
    • Prepare documents for obtaining permission to hire and use foreign employees;
    • Prepare documents for foreigners to obtain work permits;
    • Prepare documents for placing a legal entity on the visa and registration office foreign citizen register (for initial application for visa invitation);
    • Prepare documents for completing invitation form (single entry work visa);
    • Prepare documents for completing multi entry visa applications;
    • Prepare notification of arrival of the foreign employee at their place of residence (visa and non visa);
    • Prepare letter for submitting information on the foreign worker to the relevant bodies, visa and non visa regime.

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Land development

Among the company's advantages is the wide range of services provided, including topographical surveys, land development work as well as integrated survey support for construction and reconstruction of any object.

  • Services

    Topographical survey:

    • Perform topographical surveys to create an engineering and topographical plan;
    • Large scale (1:50 – 1:2000) and small scale (1:10000, 1:25000) topographical surveys, including topographical surveys of underground and overground structures and engineering services;
    • Very large scale (1:50, 1:100) topographical surveys for landscape design projects;
    • Tree topographical surveys;
    • Updated topographical plans;
    • Geodetic work for land cadastre:
      Determination of local borders of the land;
    • Restoration of land borders;
    • Organisation and support of land surveying for preparing cadastre plans (cadastre passport).

    Geodetic construction work:

    • Engineering and geodetic surveys for construction;
    • Location survey during construction;
    • Station and layout of the site's reference points, carry out planning and referencing of project elements (plots, roads, structure axis etc.);
    • Survey support of construction and installation works;
    • As built land surveys and preparation of as built survey documents.

    Prices and terms of the topographical and geodetic work (topography and creation of a site plan) depend on the features of the topographical survey area as well as on the volume of work (area of the surveyed land).

  • Equipment

    Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation has all the equipment and highly qualified engineers necessary for conducting topographical and geodetic work. Company specialists have many years of experience in topography, surveys and work on creating site plans for land under construction.

    Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, OJSC has the following equipment for conducting topographical and geodetic works:

    1. Leica electronic theodilite
    2. Ta5r electronic theodilite
    3. GPS receiver Maxor GGDT (L1)
    4. Line locator

    Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, OJSC has a license to perform geodetic work up to 2014.

  • Portfolio

    Topographical survey for placing plants in the Zavolzhye industrial zone.

    Preparation of land survey plans of the special economic port zone.

    Topographical survey of an 80 ha residential district with underground utilities M 1:500.

    Topographical survey for 70 ha gas pipeline design.

    As built survey of a 220 km long fibre-optic communication line.

    Other works.

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Regional marketing and exhibition and congress activities

  • Development of the region's marketing strategy, marketing plans, marketing concepts of regional development projects, regional brands, brand strategy and brand events, anchor projects for regional development;
  • Development and execution of the region's communication strategy, communication strategies of development anchor projects;
  • Development of projects for creating an investment and socially attractive image of the region;
  • Organisation of exhibitions, trade fairs, forums, conferences and other public events designed to increase public awareness and strengthen the region's reputation, to guarantee the region's participation in public interregional, national and international events;
  • Organise the collection and processing of data from social and marketing surveys on the strategic development of the region;
  • Advertising and informational activities.

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Attract investment to municipal districts

  • Collection and analysis of a resource base on the region's municipal districts for potential investors;
  • Analysis of the investment potential of the region's municipal districts;
  • Development of a social and economic development program and a strategy for attracting investment for municipal districts;
  • Development of municipal district, town and village investment passports;
  • Development and preparation of presentation products;
  • Provision of investment consultation services for local government bodies;
  • Provision of investment guidance materials to local government bodies as well as organisation and holding of seminars and conferences;
  • Development of individual action plans for attracting investment and implementation of investment projects in the region's municipal districts;
  • Legal support for local government bodies on concluding investment agreements (contracts);
  • Development of recommendations for improving regulatory and legal acts of local government bodies in the field of investment;
  • Maintenance of municipal district websites.

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