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Governor of the Ulyanovsk region holds a meeting with the organisers of the international forum “Wind Power 2018”


Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk region, held a working meeting with Oksana Fedoseyeva, CEO of Vostock Capital, on 22 February 2018 in Ulyanovsk. The meeting took place on the premises of a new wind farm, which is currently a region’s landmark.

The agenda featured preparations for the international Forum and exhibition to be held on 16-17 May in Ulyanovsk. Forum will be held with the support of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region, the organisers are Vostock Capital and Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation. A total of 16 regional government delegations across Russia have already reported attending the forum, as new wind power facilities are projected for construction in these regions.

The confirmed participants and speakers include the officials from: Crimean Generating Systems, Kerch wind farm, Ministry of energy, industry and communications of the Stavropol territory, Ministry of investment policy and property interests of the Saratov region, Ministry of industry and innovative policy of the republic of Bashkortostan, Ministry of industry and energy of the Rostov region, Ministry of industry, transport and natural resources of the Astrakhan region, Ministry of fuel and energy and housing utilities of the Krasnodar territory, and many more.

The forum also expects the Vestas delegation (Sales VP, Chief Specialist for Business Development, and Head of Logistics). This Dutch company builds a localisation facility in the Ulyanovsk region. By expert estimates, it will be Russia’s first facility producing wind plant components. The capacity is expected at 300 blades per annum. The company intends to scale the localisation up to 65%.

The meeting resulted in an extensive action plan focused on ensuring attendance of federal deputy ministers or higher from the following Russian ministries: the Ministry of energy, the Ministry of industrial development and trade, the Ministry of economic development, and the Ministry of finance. These agencies are invited to Ulyanovsk to take part in the strategic roundtable and tackle the issues of investment in Russian wind industry, product localisation, and plans of government, project operators and investors.

The international investment Forum and exhibition “Wind Power 2018” is the only international B2B platform designed for unlocking investment in the Russian wind industry, sharing best practices, seeking solutions, and joining efforts of business and authorities to succeed in new ambitious windpower investment projects.