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The advisory board approved the business plans of the first Ulyanovsk SEPZ residents


Ulyanovsk. 29 July. AviaPort – "The advisory board for special economic port zones, chaired by Oleg Savelyev, Deputy Minister for Economic Development, approved the business plan of the first three special economic port zone (SEPZ) residents", reported the AviaPort correspondent, who attended the meeting.

Approval was given to FL Technics Ulyanovsk LLC business plan for the development of a service centre for Boeing, Airbus and other types of aircraft based at Ulyanovsk-Vostochny Airport; to Volga-Dnepr Technics Ulyanovsk LLC business plan for developing in the special economic port zone a service, repair and modernisation of aircraft and aircraft engines and other components and to the business plan of Aviation Plant Vityaz LLC.

As expected, the agreements between the Ministry for Economic Development and future resident companies will be signed in August 2011 and the ceremonial document hand over will take place at MAKS-2011.

Source: AviaPort.Ru