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Zavolzhye industrial zone

  • 2007 – Ulyanovsk Region Law «On Approval of the Regional Target Program Formation and Development of Industrial Zones in Ulyanovsk Region» for 2008-2010.
  • October 2008 - application by the Government of Ulyanovsk Region to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation with projects claiming co-financing from the Investment Fund RF, including the project Creation of a First stage Zavolzhye industrial zone.
  • 25 December 2008 - Ulyanovsk Region projects are approved by the Government Commission.
  • 28 August 2009 - By Order of the government of the Russian Federation No. 1250-р the regional investment project passport was confirmed for the Creation of the First stage Zavolzhye industrial zone with government support from the Investment Fund RF.

The volume of financing for Zavolzhye industrial zone infrastructure was:

  • In 2008 – 180 million roubles from the regional budget
  • In 2009:
    • 279.56 million roubles from the federal budget (Russian investment fund)
    • From the regional budget 58.44 million roubles
    • From the budget of Ulyanovsk municipal district 20.41 million roubles
    • From investors 3,604.9 million roubles
  • In 2011 – 188.31 million roubles from the regional budget.
  • In 2012 – 105.1  million roubles from the regional budget.
  • In 2013 – 98.3 million roubles from the regional budget (November, 2013).

The total area of the industrial park is 706.2 ha. Free space in the industrial park 200 ha.

2008-2013 – construction is completed of the following infrastructure objects of Zavolzhye industrial zone:

From the funds Ulyanovsk municipal district, the Investment fund RF and RF subjects there have been built:
  • Roads – 8,471 m
  • Water pipelines – 8,939 m
  • Sewage pumping stations – capacity 900 m3/hour
  • Pressure sewage
  • Storm-water drainage – 8,236 m
  • Gas pipeline – 0.6 MPa
  • Outside lighting > 10 thousand m

From private investors:

  • Power network – 10 kV
  • Electricity substation – 400 kVA

In 2011 were built:

  • 46th Inzhenerny passage;
  • 44th Inzhenerny passage, 1 stage;

In 2012 were built:

  • 44th Inzhenerny passage, 2 stage.

Residents who have begun production work in the industrial park:


Wet and dry pet food plants. Confectioneryplant.

Car parts plant
Компания 'Мебельная фабрика Cucina'

Kitchen furniture manufacturing

Car and industrial parts plant

Nanotechnology center
Low-voltage commutation equipment

Current businesses in the park:

  • 1050 new jobs created;
  • Production volume: 14 billion roubles* (* estimate: at the moment of reaching the project capacity)

Possibility of placing another 10 companies

Residents who have begun construction work in the park:

Компания «Hempel» Компания 'Jokey Plastik' Компания «Народный пластик»

Paint materials plant

Plastic packaging plant

PVC window profile plant
Machine-tool plant Center of pet nutrition studies Training center
Production of radial tires for passenger cars Car parts plant Logistics complex
Welding wire plant Machine-tool plant