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Industrial park on the site of Dimitrovgrad Automobile Units Plant (DAAZ)

ОАО An industrial park is being set up on the site of Dimitrovgrad Automobile Units Plant, JSC Dimitrovgrad Automobile Units Plant, JSC has provided premises for this project in the 11th building, which is 15 thousand square metres.

Project goals:

  1. Creation of new brand which is attractive for investors and partners.
  2.  Development of basic technology.
  3.  Development of R&D.
  4. Extension of the sales market at the expense of partners' sales markets.
  5. Development of logistics and service functions.
  • Total project cost – 5.7 billion roubles of which:
  • Investment in equipment and accessories – 4.8 billion roubles.
  • Renovation of the industrial park site – 0.9 billion roubles.
  • Number of employees – 8.4 thousand.

Project partners:

Cimos, Delphi, TRW, Magnetti Marelli, Katcon, etc.

On 22 March 2011 an agreement of cooperation was signed between the Government of Ulyanovsk Region (Russian Federation) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Joint enterprise with CIMOS for producing aluminium castings

Cimos Total project cost is 1,528 million roubles including VAT, including:
  1. Total investment in equipment: 1,495 million roubles including VAT (casting foundry, machining centres, attachments, tools)
  2. Renovation: renovation of building 12 (all buildings): 109 million roubles, also renovation of building 12 (aluminium casting site): 33 million roubles.

Next project implementation steps:

First stage DIP-DAAZ
Production using DAAZ equipment.
Hiring of staff, organisation of production / control, operational purchases / supply

Development group (10 specialists on technology, quality, internal logistics, service and production) – hired for 1 year, R&D, sales market

Second stage DIP-CIMOS
  • Transfer of most operational functions to local employees
  • Mutual agreement on staffing and the annual budget
Cimos CIMOS is responsible for equipment, production technology, quality control

ОАО Димитровградский автоагрегатный завод DAAZ is responsible for providing premisses, power supply, staffing, service functions

Planned beginning of supply to car assembly plants in Russia and CIS, to foreign OEMs: AVTOVAZ, GAZ Group, RENAULT-NISSAN, FORD, VW, HYUNDAI, PSA in 2011

Joint enterprise on producing and selling zinc castings with KOVINOPLASTIKA

  • Modernisation of current zinc casting production for the car industry
  • New line: production of window fittings for Roto-Frank
  • Creation of a joint enterprise for the production and sale of aluminium casting products