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Fast food products

Fast food products Investment proposal: develop new production in the region, specialised in producing fast food products.



  • Breakfast cereals;
  • Ready made porridge;
  • Cereal mixes;
  • Pasta products.
The largest plants producing these products are more than 1,000 km away: Moscow Region and North-West Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and Sweden.
Ulyanovsk Region is a convenient base for developing in the Volga and Ural markets and would significantly reduce logistics expenses and raise competitiveness.

Local raw materials source:

Gross yield in 2009:
  • Grain – 1.144 million tonnes;
  • Barley – 134 thousand tonnes;
  • Oats – 40 thousand tonnes;
  • Peas – p thousand tonnes.
Project options:
  • Construction of a new factory in Zavolzhye industrial zone;
  • Creation of a joint venture based at Dimitrovgrad grain Factory JSC.
Features of current Dimitrovgrad grain Factory JSC production:
  • A grain workshop for processing pea, barley, wheat grains and millet, with 120 tonnes per day capacity;
  • A wheat mill with a capacity of 50 thousand tonnes per day;
  • 51,000 tonnes storage facilities;
  • Grain drying line capacity 1,200 tonnes per day;
  • Cleaning line capacity 6,000 tonnes per day;
  • 3000 tonnes ready goods storage.

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