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Vegetable oil production

Vegetable oil production Proposal:
Develop a new plant or modernise an existing one. Possibility to buy two factories with a design capacity of 120 tonnes of sunflower seed per day:



  • Nikolsky vegetable oil factory in Kuzovatovsky District;
  • Teplovsky vegetable oil factory in Nikolaevsky District and a tank battery, warehouse and maintenance depot;
  • Transfer of lease rights to 8,000 ha for sunflower cultivation.
Raw materials base
Sunflower crop area in 2009 67.4 thousand ha
Gross yield in 2009 509 thousand hundredweight
Sunflower yield in 2009 8.8 hundredweight for 1 ha
Production volume:
  • After modernisation the two factories will be able to process 6 thousand tonnes seed oil a month and produce about 2,500 tonnes of oil and 2,000 tonnes of oil cake.

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