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Starch production plant

Starch production plant Proposal:
Development of a new potato processing and starch producing plant.
Development of a joint plant using available production.

Local raw materials source:
  • In 2009, 248.5 thousand tonnes of potato were collected in all farming categories. This is 160% of the region's annual demand;
  • Production growth is forecast in agricultural plants and peasant farm holdings.
Parameters of the proposed production:
  • Potato processing capacity (starch content 76%) – 720 tonnes a day;
  • Commercial starch productivity (superior quality) – 120 tonnes a day;
  • Package types: g5 kg – paper bags and 1,000 kg Big Bag.
  • Potato pulp – 450 tonnes a day (used for animal feed, storage time up to one week);
  • Possibility of building an additional pulp drying facility – 72 tonnes a day (storage time up to one year);
  • Cell sap contains water, salt and protein. It can be used as fertiliser – 550 cub.m a day;
  • High nutrient proteins can be obtained for using in compound feed by removing it from the potato juice by an innovative technological method.
Sites for new factories:
  • There is a site with ready infrastructure in Zavolzhye industrial zone;
  • The site complies with food production requirements.

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