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Volga transit

Volga transit

Волжский транзит
Project goal: Volga transit will be a transport and logistics cluster, which will become a "bridge" joining the European part of Russia with the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. As part of the project, a new federal highway, Middle Volga, will be built. It will use a bridge crossing, which is under construction, and will be an alternative to the Pan European transport corridor M-5 Ural (Moscow-Chelyabinsk) and M-7 Volga (Moscow-Ufa).

The estimated project cost is 50 billion roubles. Financing of the global infrastructure project is based on a public private partnership.

The new federal highway will help Russia redistribute traffic flows and reduce traffic by a third on the M-7 and M-5 federal highways. In addition, the route from Moscow to Ekaterinburg will be shortened by 300 kilometres. The Volga transit should go between these two federal highways, through Vladimir Region, Mordovia, Ulyanovsk and Samara Regions and Bashkortostan.

As part of project implementation, engineering and survey work starts in 2011 and lasts five years to 2015. Financing of the engineering work is included in the federal target program "Development of Russia's transport system for 2010-2015". If, following the engineering and survey work, the decision is taken to build the highway, then construction works will begin in 2016 and the road will completed by 2030.

The section of the road that goes through Ulyanovsk Region, from the border with Mordovia to Samara Region, is estimated at 18 billion roubles. This amount will be mostly aimed at ring rounds around Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad and the work settlement Cherdakly.
The highway will mainly go along existing roads of different categories. They will be rebuilt during construction of the federal highway. In addition to laying state-of-the-art road surface and widening it to four lanes, the Volga transit will have lots of small bridges and viaducts, highway service facilities, crash barriers, road signs, information indicators, markings, bus shelters, weight checking points and traffic police posts.

The Volga transit infrastructure project is aimed at creating a transport and logistics cluster in the region. Its development in the centre of the Volga Federal District would help save hauliers time and money on delivering goods, and Ulyanovsk Region would receive more tax revenue and new jobs would be created.